After You’ve Had a Home Inspection…

There’s no doubt about it:   buying a home can be one of the most exciting and overwhelming things you do.  From scouring the market with your agent to signing contracts and submitting offers it can all happen so fast and it’s a relief to have industry professionals on your side during the whole process.

A complimentary Home Maintenance manual that we provide you with at the Inpsection

A complimentary Home Maintenance manual that Cap City provides you with at the inspection.

Once we are done inspecting a home we make sure every client is left with a copy of a handy book that we offer through our professional organization, InterNACHI.  It’s a valuable resource for new homeowners and seasoned home owners, as a general home maintenance manual that also includes a post closing checklist of items to keep an eye on, and a great section that explains the general life expectancy of most home appliances.

The best part of all of this is finding your perfect home! How exciting! Even during your inspection you’re already planning where you are going to hang the art you’ve been saving for a fabulous new frame and of course you are already thinking about what Target is going to have on clearance in a few weeks that you can spruce up that back yard with….
…So here comes the part that every inspector doesn’t love: watching your excitement dwindle because the report has a few priority items that may make you fall out of love with the property.  Your agent is a great guide to what you should be worrying about and what is something you can probably handle down the road and on your own.  It’s important to realize that while this line items in a report could affect the sale, the owner/seller isn’t technically obligated to correct any reported issues or damage; (as the law stands currently in the real estate market in Ohio).

The Columbus Dispatch recently published an article on this with a quick nod to the four biggest troublemakers inspectors find that you shouldn’t ignore during the sale.
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