Termites, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees and Powderpost Beetles are all insects in Ohio that have the potential to do damage to the wood portions of your home. An infestation can do large amounts of damage before it is ever detected. Roof trusses, floor joist, facia boards and the wood sheathing of your home are all vulnerable to attack by wood destroying insects.

Catching these infestations early is the key to protecting your most important investment, your home.

Cap City Property Inspections is certified by the Ohio soldier-termiteDepartment of Agriculture to inspect for Wood Destroying Insects and to complete form NPMA-33 in compliance with the Department of Agricultures standards.

Using an inspector who is not certified and/or does not complete form NPMA-33 for a Wood Destroying Insect inspection in the state of Ohio can jeopardize the closing of your loan and your home owners insurance.

Cost: FREE (With a Home Inspection $75.00 value)