Dryers are the second highest energy-consuming appliance in most homes. Lint build-up is the cause of the over 15,000 dryer fires that occur annually.

Cap City Property Inspections can give you tips for keeping your dryer safe and saving energy, too.

Why Is Dryer Care So Important?

A dryer takes a lot of energy to operate; the current average annual cost for operating a clothes dryer is about $85 a year and can go up to $170 a year depending on the frequency of its usage. In most homes, the only household appliance consuming more energy is the refrigerator. A dryer can also be a relatively expensive item to replace, and as highlighted above, the risk of a dryer fire is real.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to keep your dryer operating safely, reduce energy consumption and extend its service life. Bookmark this page so you can easily refer to the content below.

Safety Tips

You may have heard the troubling stories of clothes dryer catching fire because of lint accumulation. Here are some things you should do for the safety of your dryer.

  • The first is to clean your dryer’s lint filter trap before or after each use. Make this a regular practice will help keep your dryer safe; it also helps keep it performing efficiently.
  • Make sure the vent pipe is clear of lint.  It is recommended that you use the straightest and shortest duct available. Flexible ducts can be a potential safety concern as they can be crushed or restrict the airflow, and may not be able to withstand high temperatures from the dryer.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in the same room as the clothes dryer, near the door where you can access quickly in the event of an emergency.
  • If you are not confident of how to properly clean your dryer, check your vent pipe, etc., then do not hesitate to call in a professional to give your clothes dryer a thorough cleaning and inspection.

    Clean Extreme is a great local service provider that can deliver affordable and reliable service if you want to get your dryer vents cleaned annually.

Energy Savings Tips

Most appliances display “Energy Guide” labels, however, dryers do not. This is because dryers don’t vary much from model to model regarding the amount of energy used. There are a few things you can do to save energy when using your clothes dryer:

  • Reducing the frequency of use of the dryer is a sure way of reducing the energy used by your dryer.
  • When considering the purchase of a new dryer it is recommended to buy a model with a moisture sensor. This allows the dryer to automatically stop when the clothes are dry.
  • Using a dryer vent closure where the vent pipe exits your house will save money on heating and cooling bills.