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BuildFax Report

BuildFaxLogo400x218The BuildFax Report takes away the guesswork when it comes to knowing what’s going on with a property. Things like how old the wiring is, or the furnace. The things you need to know to keep your family safe. In seconds, you’ll see how well it’s been maintained, the kind of work that’s been done on it, and what it’s really worth. You’ll get a detailed snapshot of the structure without ever stepping foot inside. With the BuildFax Report, the guessing game’s over.


Cap City provides a complimentary BuildFax Report with every inspection we perform.


  • Renovation History

BuildFax takes every update on record for the property and uses that to determine the quality of work that was done. The absence of records can also be telling, revealing whether unlicensed renovations have taken place, and possibly putting your safety at risk.

  • 20 Point Risk Scan

There are certain types of problems that home inspectors find most often. They include things like pests, radon, or fire damage. BuildFax’s 20 Point Risk Scan flags the 20 most common ones if they’re present.

  • Smart Buyer Insight

It pays to know how old the roof, plumbing, and electrical systems are so you can anticipate the hidden costs that can come from one of them failing. With that kind of info in your back pocket, you can walk into negotiations like a pro.

  • Neighborhood Review

Our data shows that construction activity trends with economic changes, so having a sense of what the community is doing in remodeling can clue you in on things like gentrification trends and residential redevelopments (flipped houses).

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